Repair & Care Service Terms & Conditions

General Terms & Conditions for Outdoor & Cycle Concept’s Repair & Care Service

This page (together with our General Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy) sets out the terms and conditions of the Repair & Care Service. Where there is any inconsistency with our other terms and conditions, the terms and conditions set out below prevail.

Please read these terms and conditions carefully before submitting your product(s) for a Repair & Care Service. By submitting your product(s) for a Repair & Care Service you will be deemed to have accepted the Terms & Conditions specified here.

  1. Service
  • Suitable Items
  • Acceptable Condition of Products

Products sent in for a Repair & Care Service must not be heavily soiled with mud, dirt, clay, alluvium, peat, grass, waste, bodily fluids, faeces or the like where the excess could be removed by the customer before handing in to Outdoor & Cycle Concepts.

If a product is submitted where excess dirt/soil/ waste/bodily fluids & substances etc. could be removed, a fine of £50 will be levied on the customer.

  • Wash Service

The types of items accepted for our wash services are down or synthetic jackets, down or synthetic sleeping bags and down or synthetic salopettes. For a wash service your item must be suitable for tumble-drying otherwise we will not be able to process it.

  • Repair Services

We have a large team of highly experienced seamstresses skilled in the repair of a wide variety of performance fabrics and are accredited by W.L. Gore & Associates to work with GORE-TEX® fabrics. We also work with other performance fabrics like Event®, Aquafoil®, Pertex® and AQ2®.

Items suitable for repair services are waterproof shell jackets, down or synthetically insulated jackets and midlayers, and down or synthetic sleeping bags.

Should you require a different service not listed here, please contact our Customer Services Team to find the right repair service for you and to provide you with a quote.

  • Unsuitable Items

Items currently excluded from our standard Repair & Care Service are waterproof trousers, hiking/ walking legwear, socks, underwear and baselayers.

Shell garments that require a repair on welded seams are also currently not repairable.

Should you require a different service not listed here, please contact our Customer Services Team to find the right repair service for you and to provide you with a quote.

  • Service Availability

The Repair & Care Service is available via store drop-off and in-store collection or home delivery in Great Britain.

For the Republic of Ireland and the country of Northern Ireland only store drop-off and in-store collection services are available.

It is not available for international customers outside the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

  • Results
  • Repair Results

Our team will repair the damaged product in a professional manner exercising reasonable care, skill and diligence to an acceptable, equivalent or higher standard than that of the manufacture of the product involved.

Materials used for repair may vary from those of the original manufacturer. The nature of availability of materials from brands and manufacturers means we may not be able to offer an exact match to the original cloth or parts used. We normally offer a cosmetically sensitive repair in as close a match as possible or using stable colours like black which normally appears in another part of a product. By using our Repair & Care Service you agree for our Repair & Care Team to select the closest match in colour, quality & texture available.

Moreover, most repairs will be visible on closer inspection and we want to emphasise that a repair will not result in a “brand new” appearance.

  • Wash Results

Washing your down or synthetic products will ensure the longevity of your product’s performance if done correctly and to the product’s care instructions and specifications.

Our team will clean the product in a professional manner exercising reasonable care, skill and diligence. All products washed as part of our Repair & Care Service are washed with the technical wash detergent “Down Wash” by Grangers, which is specifically formulated to clean all your down and/or synthetically filled articles without damaging or inhibiting insulation or hydrophobic properties.

However, after lots of use, some stains are well and truly embedded into the fabrics and even the best wash will not always remove them. This is particularly true for dark stains on light fabrics. We therefore want to emphasise that a wash will not restore the “brand new” appearance of a product.

  • Disputing Results

Upon receiving your items for a Repair & Care Service, our team will take photographic evidence to capture the current condition of the products on arrival for future reference. These images will be used to settle any disputes on quality of our Repair & Care Services.

You have up to 14 days from receiving your product(s) back to raise any concerns regarding the quality of the repair a/o wash service undertaken.

  • Lead Times

Our general lead times are between 3 – 4 weeks. This may be longer during busy periods and during the extent of the current pandemic where we must add in additional time for products to be quarantined before handling to ensure the safety of our teams.

We therefore recommend you allow up to 6 weeks for the return of your items to avoid disappointment.

  • Suitability of Product(s) for Repair & Care Services & Inspection

Before your item goes through a washing or repair service, we will inspect the item to ensure it is suitable for the Repair & Care Service you selected. Our team will take photographic evidence to capture the state of your product upon arrival. These images will be used to settle any queries regarding the quality of our Repair & Care services.

For a wash service your item must be suitable for tumble-drying otherwise we will not be able to process it.

If upon inspection we decide the product is not of good enough quality to withstand the Repair & Care Service you have selected, we will inform you of our decision and return the item to you. You will be charged a processing & inspection fee of £15.

If upon inspection we decide the repair service you selected is not the appropriate repair for the damage on your product, we will contact you and discuss the correct repair service, the new cost and lead times with you. You then have the opportunity to proceed at the new cost & lead time or decline. If you decline you will be charged a processing & inspection fee of £15.

If you are unsure which repair service to select, please contact our Customer Service or ask one of our store experts for help. We are happy to advise you on how to choose the correct service for your product.

  • Warranties & Guarantees
  • Manufacturer Warranties

Please note that by allowing our team to undertake a Repair & Care Service the manufacturer’s warranty may become void.

Repairs on GORE-TEX® items pose an exception, where any existing warranty will continue to be valid as our repairs are GORE-TEX® approved. Please note that the warranty period will not be extended form the original purchase date.

  • Guarantee of Repair

The workmanship of our repairs is guaranteed up to 2 years from the date of repair. Any fault which becomes apparent with the repair due to substandard workmanship will be repaired free of charge (including postage).

The guarantee of the Repair & Care Service excludes faults caused by accident, neglect, including improper care, treatment or exposure to conditions deemed beyond normal conditions, misuse or where the product is deemed to have come to the end of its life through reasonable wear and tear. Any liability is limited to the Repair & Care Service only and excludes any consequential loss.

If you submit your product on suspicion of substandard workmanship of the repair and upon inspection, we find no fault with the repair itself, you will not be reimbursed for the repair nor offered a replacement product. You will be charged a processing & inspection fee of £15.

We recommend you speak with our Customer Service team to check if your damage is likely due to substandard workmanship, to avoid unnecessary inspection & postage fees.

       2. Prices

If upon inspection of the product(s), the service selected is not the appropriate service and/or an additional service must be carried out to enable the requested service to be completed, our team reserves the right to contact you to inform you of your options, new lead times and costs. Should you choose not to continue with the service, a processing & inspection fee of £15 will be charged.

If the repair required on your product is cheaper than the repair service you have selected, we will carry out the work without quotation and authorisation and charge you the reduced price of the repair carried out.

  1. Payment

You can pay for products using a debit card or credit card, a Cotswold Outdoor/ Snow+Rock / RunnersNeed gift voucher, gift card or via PayPal.

Payment for the Repair & Care Services and all applicable delivery charges must be paid before you receive your products.

In case you have specified that you want your order returned directly to your specified address, an authorisation request for payment will appear and charge your account at the time you have completed the online payment request.

For more details on our Payment Terms & Conditions, please visit our websites.

  1. Damage and Loss

There is a slim chance of your product being damaged during the transport and/or the washing and/or the repair service. If damage does occur, we reserve the right to repair the damage at our own cost.

If the additional damage caused by transport and/or a wash/repair service cannot be repaired adequately or the item is lost, we will offer a replacement product. If an exact replacement is not available, we will offer an alternative that is similar in product specifications, functionality and as close a look & feel as the original as possible within the standard stock range we hold as a business.

If the alternative is not suitable to your preference, we offer a refund on a sliding scale based on the age of the garment and its original purchase value. Evidence of purchase and sales price must be provided to be eligible for a refund.

  • Less than 2 years………………..70%
  • 2-3 years…………………………….60%
  • 3-4 years…………………………….50%
  • 4-5 years…………………………….40%
  • Over 5 years……………………… 30%
  • Over 10 Years……………………. 10%
  1. Personal Data Handling & Protection

By using our Repair & Care Service, you acknowledge that Outdoor and Cycle Concepts will process the personal data you provide for the purpose of creating an account to process your Repair & Care Service request.

You agree to us contacting you with updates on the progress of your requested service and/or in case your requested Repair & Care service cannot be carried as requested and we seek confirmation from you on how you wish to proceed.

All personal information provided will be handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy which is available on our websites.

If you want to opt out of our membership database at any time, please follow the instructions on our websites.

How to tell us about problems with our Repair & Care Service

If you have any questions or complaints about our Repair & Care Service, please contact us. All contact details can be found on our Contact Us page.

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