To get the most out of your boots and shoes we suggest that you take a few minutes to clean your them after every trip.

  1. Wash off any surface mud and grit with warm water using a semi-stiff brush if necessary. Do not clean your footwear with household detergents as these detergents can damage the DWR or GORETEX waterproof linings. Instead, we recommend cleaning them with a technical cleaning agent.
  2. If your boots get really wet, stuff them with newspaper to help draw out the moisture.
  3. Allow your boots to dry naturally in a warm room or outdoors. DO NOT place your boots next to a fire or other direct heat source as the heat can damage the waterproof lining and may crack the uppers. Direct heat can be especially damaging to leather boots. 
  4. You do not need to reproof your boots after every use, however, every few trips your boots will benefit from a reproof with technical products.

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