How do I choose a snowboard?

Assuming you are at a beginner level you will need to think about the following; your weight, boot size, height, aspirations and budget will all affect the board you choose. 

Most brands will have a guide range for board lengths according to your weight.

Next consider your boot size.  If you’re a 10+ then chances are you’ll need to look at wider boards so your toes don’t drag in the snow when you’re turning.  However, a lot of boots on the market are designed to reduce footprint so you can get away with riding a standard width board if you’re a UK 10. 

Going into store is always best if you have the opportunity. Always seek the assistance of a staff member to check if you’re in doubt and let one of our experts in store ask you some questions about your experience and aspirations and they’ll help you select the best board for you.

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